Boom Height

From the archives I see that the mast height from the top of the keel to the center of the gooseneck is 9 ft 10 inches. I want to double check my math. Could someone give me a measuremement from the top of the main deck to bottom of the boom?


I got 2 feet, 3 and a quarter inches… measured at front end of cabin house to bottom of boom.

Thanks, Ben.

Ahoy All , I need some help determining the shipping dimentions of my BCC .

We can measure fore and aft Ok , but what is the height from the bottom of the aft part of the keel to the top of the boom gallows .

It looks like 13’ 6" is the maximum USA height clearance for bridges .

When watching that BCC construction video that Roger made , the BCC “There You Are” was trailered to the marina with it’s boom gallows in place, on a low-boy trailer . So was that gallows height less than 13’ 6" ?

Currently we are preparing to ship my BCC on a flat rack from Japan to Seattle , and will need measurements like this to furnish the shipper .

dont have that measurement (no more BCC) but I did invert my gallows when trucking. I removed the wood cross piece and zip tied it to the verticals because my stern light wires were connecting it. That saved us 8" Id guess.