Boom Vang

How many of you are running a boom vang. My FC does not have one and I was unable to see a vang in most of the pictures on Ron Walton’s site. Wasn’t sure if a vang or a preventer would be the best way to go. Your input would be nice.

FTC, I would be interested in knowing the answer as I have purchased (and as of yet have not had a chance to get her even wet). It is my understanding (basic deduction) that they way the main sheet is set up with the three blocks although it does not apply pressure to the forward/tack portion of the boom that due to the relative short boom and ability to adjust boom through the main sheet blocks it is not as big an issue on FC. As to the preventer, I assumed (which you know how that works)that again due to the set up of the main sheet blocks you could “prevent” a lot of boom swing issues with the blocks set up.

BUT I am a novice to the FC so do not have a clue if I am correct and actually assume that I will find this is not the case:-) WOULD LOVE to get some feed back from FC old salts… Gary, Anyone ???

Joel and FTC,
Yes, use a boom vang! It will really increase the performance of your FC on any point of sail except close hauled. Close hauled your mainsheet usually trims the sail with the right amount of twist for proper trim to jib and staysail.

I rigged mine with a large rubber shock cord about half way down the boom. Also added a padeye about 2 feet away so I could stow it on the underside of the boom. then get yourself a nylon strop that you slip under your toe rail for attachment and use.

If you rig it to the toe rail forward of your boom attachment point it will also work as a preventer. BUT DO NOT use it when you may be dipping you boom in the water. You could break the boom. Of course this happens very rarely.

Also, use a long piece of line with your 4-1 purchase and you can use it to haul your crew back onboard when they fall in.