Bowsprit bits

Hi all, while not a FCC owner (next boat) I am in awe of some of the construction and thaught out components on these. I am in the process of fitting out a Flicka 20 with many custom and changed around things. I would like to have a bow pushpit built to the style of the FCC. Does anyone have any rough measurments of this? From what it looks like, are the stantion bases held into the sprit with # 12-14 pan heads, or through bolted? I am doing this partly to fit a larger hook (spade) on the bow, and also to remove some weight foward for more chain.
HAs anyone rigged a snatch block, or any block at the end of the sprit for an anchor bridle when at anchor? How did you do this? Is there another hole on the kranze iron for a shackle, or did you put a shackle through one of the whiskerstays or bobstay? Thanks in advance!!