bowsprit doug fir

Will be extracted shortly and wondering about the restoration thereof. It needs to come down to the bare wood and was previously coated with epifanes. Went well but has got beat up with anchors dinghy etc and I have fabricated bronze plate to protect all the spots of trauma.

I thought step one :- down to wood and coat with penetrating epoxy

2 once it don’t take no more inside half epoxy paint (which one brand name)

3 varnish the heck out of the bow portion

4 reset the cranes iron and we are off to the races… thats the plan. Best material for the reset of the cranes is…

Thanks everyone getting ready for the season, pen is to sail the thorny path, Gary you may have a visit. Lets hope all goes well.

It just happens I recently completed the project that you are suggesting. Three years ago I removed the bow sprit and applied 15 coats of varnish. Back on the boat it was mostly covered with canvas. After three years I started getting small blisters of varnish lifting from the surface presumably due to moisture coming from the wood even though it had been sealed with epoxy previously. Then it progressed to large areas lifting from the surface leading to complete failure.

So now I again removed the sprit, coated with penetrating epoxy and this time painting the aft portion from just under the anchor hanger plate all the aft with Interlux Brightside Hatteras Off White. Forward of the cranes iron is also painted. The rest I applied varnish as usual. The logic is that the paint should hold up well while the remaining varnish will retain the continuity of the varnish brightwork with less labor.

Good luck,
Ron Thompson
Ho’okahiko 97

thanks Ron just the stuff I need to know, and also to recognize that my boat is normal! Were you happy with the paint you used, was there a specific primer? The varnish at the bow before the cranse iron you can certainly get at, the rest is difficult.

Several years ago I removed the bowsprit, stripped it down completely, made a few modifications to accept a bronze cranse iron and bronze anchor holder/roller (both from Port Townsend), then had everything except the teak strips on the top Awlgripped. I do keep the bowsprit covered when not using the boat and the Awlgrip has held up beautifully! The teak strips, however, need refinishing yet again (despite being covered)!

By the way, I also had the boomkin Awlgripped. It has also held up very well, even though for some reason I have not installed the covers (don’t know why, since I do have them).

I am currently refinishing the bulwarks and I’m using a combination of varnish and Interlux Perfection (a 2-part epoxy paint).

Dioscouri #064

Stewart, I am happy with the Brightside paint as it is easy to use and flows very nicely with a foam roller and tip with a foam brush. I used the Interlux Pre-Cote Primer (5 coats primer and 3 coats Brightside). I am using Brightside on the bootstripe as well which I have been happy with. With each haul out I can easily freshen it up.
On the bowsprit I use varnish just between the cranes iron and the anchor holder. The tip of the bowsprit is painted. I think it looks nice like that.

Ron Thompson
Ho’okahiko 97