Bowsprit handrail or no?

Hull 31 has a bowsprit handrail, which connects at the stemhead fitting as well as with screws about halfway along the sprit. Looking at it, it seems that any substantial pressure put on the rail would tend to pry those screws out, probably weakening the bowsprit. Also, I’m thinking that if I were out there working on the headsail, I’d probably be sitting and straddling the sprit anyway. On the other hand, the rail provides a good forward point for attaching the lifelines.

Do any of you have rail-less bowsprits? Can you post a detailed pic? How do you find it working in practice?

Hull 21

Fwiw, I was having a brain issue yesterday, apparently. I’m talking about the bow pulpit. :slight_smile:

I have no pulpit and use a sailnet to catch sails, me and the dog should she decide to abandon ship. A simple down haul is easy to make and cheap. I dont have lifelines but if you look at picture I used shackles instead of cotter pins to fasten whisker stays, a small metal ring is the perfect attachment for lifelines. Its my opinion that these little ships have much better lines with no pulpit.

Thanks! Do you have a pic from the side showing the bowsprit with sailnet? That looks like the type of setup I would prefer.
Dont know if this will help or not.

Here’s a few more.

Those do help, thanks much. :slight_smile:

PS: Why must the dog be in the cone of shame?!?