Bowsprit has anyone built one?

My next project is the bowsprit . If anyone built one or has suggestions warnings or comments would like to hear.

I built my bow sprit out of Sitka spruce that I had on hand. VG Douglas fit would have been a better choice. Well worth the weight trade off.

![IMG_0916|666x500](upload://l4wr4cKQ4zHk6KxcGcvYTfqZssS.jpeg) ![IMG_0915|666x500](upload://u0Bq1Taxty77WZZ1Af7gOp35NrE.jpeg) ![IMG_0912|666x500](upload://cK7DUhvgvZRTO0VwDb0oCtbor2q.jpeg)
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Thanks for the wood advise. Did you laminate yours or is it one solid piece? And it looks very nice

Yes, it was laminated spruce. Ill trry to find some building pics for you. Cneck back in a few days. Mike Anderson