bowsprit netting and bootstripe

I am going to post pics of my net and my new bootstripe. On the
net, there are 3 5/8" crossropes, hitched to the whiskerstays (more
properly called bowsprit shrouds) to take the weight of a person
standing on them. the ends go up to the lifeline to help contain
sails. The aft line is run thru a padeye on the stem. There are 3
longitudinals of 5/16" nylon. The center one starts at the outermost
crossrope and runs to the stem. Port and starboard ones are hitched
to the pulpit and dead-ended at a padeye under the rail. The
longitudinals are hitched to the crossropes to make a fairly stable
construct. The starboard line is cheated outboard a little in the
area of the anchor to allow it to fall freely.
I also finished raising my bootstripe. I went whole hog and raised
it 8" forward, 4" amidship and 5" aft. Barriercoated and painted with
a hard antifouling to allow srubbing the scum line vigorously. Not
well seen, but there is a 1/2" blue tape stripe to top it off and
correct any unfairness in the paint job. Looks quite satisfying to my
eye. The hardest part was getting a fair curve under the overhang
towards the transom. The batten actually has to curve downwards to
get it right. Striking the line was definately a 2 person job.
John Churchill