Bowsprit removal

Considering removal of bowsprit for refinishing

There are lots of posts on the subject of bowsprits. Use the search tool above.

I refinished the bowsprit on Little Wing last winter. One of the things completed during the refinishing process that should help with the longevity of the sprit included drilling out the wood where screws and bolts pass through and filling them with epoxy, drilling them out, and then rebeding them with Dolphinite to prevent water intrusion as some spots were starting to turn black from water intrusion.

Be careful taking off the sprit with two people to prevent the square piece that secures the staysail from marring the sprit as it will leave witness marks if taken out by yourself. The bowsprit is long and awkward to remove solo and is easy with an extra pair of hands.

It is a fun and worthwhile maintenance item to take care of. While you are there, don’t forget to install new rope caulking for the Sampson posts. The cotton caulking is reasonably priced from Jamestown Distributors

Good luck :four_leaf_clover: