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Hi Everyone
Joined the Group today & still finding my way. I admit to a long held fascination with the lives of both Lyle Hess & Bill Crealock. And in particular with their designs of the BCC and the PS34. The similarity of their numbers is remarkable. D/L, B/D, SA/D, Comfort, Capsize & L/B. Even Price. Yet their design philosophies & finished product were totally different. Is anyone willing to comment? They were of the same generation. I wonder if they ever met.

Welcome Jack !

I have also noticed the primary dimensions you speak of. But I have no idea if the 2 men ever knew each other.

I’m sure they knew of one another and probably followed each others work. But as you say…different design philosophies.

Hi Jack , as Gary says, welcome aboard .

My first keel boat was a Pacific Seacraft Orion 27, designed by Henry Morshlit (sp-?) and pretty much built by Mike Howorth (Sp-?) .

Later the P/Srft company moved out to s east L.A. and was co-ursed into getting a naval archetect on the payroll.

So Bil Crealock was hired and then designed more boats for the P/S company. The rigging and sail plans often had the drawings done by Bill Luther, who worked in Crealock’s office.

Bill Luther was v close to Bruce Bingham, who designed the Flika, of which that design was sold to P/Srft, with the suggestion that P/Srft hire a naval architect, they did and hired Crealock.

Well that is the story that Bill Luther told me .

Lyle Hess , I suspect designed the Falmouth Cutter after he designed the Newport 22’ ??? , then later the BCC .

I too would guess that those men did know of each other, but each of them had their own agenda and desires. I was lucky enough to meet them , but never thought to ask a question like yours.

Crealock did write a book about his voyage to or around the Caribean , he was a proper English gentleman.