Bristol Channel Cutter Model_1/12th scale Radio Controlled

Hi BCC / Falmouth owners,
Well, it’s finally time to introduce the BBCM …Bristol Channel Cutter the Model…1/12 semi-scale.
Many of you BCC / Falmouth owners know that I build the Freehand Steering System and if you have one, then we probably know each other. You also probably know that I’ve been addicted to Radio Controlled Planes, Jets, and Helicopters as my hobby for the past 10 years.
When the Sam L. Morse co. closed it’s doors, Mike Hooper (Hull#124) was in the right place at the right time when he heard the, " If you want anything upstairs get it out now, 'cause it’s all going in the trash". Smartly, he salvaged many rolls, of BCC and Falmouth plans… and the 1/12 scale stripped plank hull that was built by Wayne Edney. Many of you owners probably remember it in the office collecting dust…
Mike held onto them for a few years and finally had to clean the storage room out and it sadly was headed for the trash bin again. I just happened to be on the stoop when he walked by and asked if I could do something with it. Now, if you know my story ( Off the Beach" Sailing, November 1990 ) you’ll know I’m good at taking hulls and making something out of them…so, here we go again.Now it’s a living thing of Lyle Hess beauty that goes to windward radio controlled style. Now, there are a few details lacking that your sharp eye picked up, that being the hawse pipe fittings, bow rollers, etc, but like any new boat, they get done one by one.
Click on the link below for “Sail’s Down” on You tube.
This will be the first of a few video’s that I think you’ll find amusing." Let me know what you think.

Mike Anderson - Maverick - Pictures


To view the R.C. movies go to Radio Control page @ Anderson


Hi Mike. Thanks for sharing. These are beautiful models. Crazy level of detail. Fun first-person views in the video. Super-sad thinking of you prior post in this thread - that artifacts like BCC/FC line drawings and Wayne’s (@Where_in_the_World_w) model were at risk of being lost when SLM closed its doors. I’m grateful for everyone’s efforts preserving and keeping the SLM legacy alive. It’s a group effort!


Mike - these are just fabulous. Thanks for letting us know they’re out in the world!

I think in regards to the scaled BCC model, there should be another shout out thanks to Wayne Edney for making the original strip planked hull, I tuned it up and made molds for all the parts (fiberglass), but you’re right when saying the recovery of all was a group effort.

Thanks Nica!