Bristol Channel Cutter Sailing Video Clip

I just posted another video sailing clip at It’s not great but I had fun producing it. The clip was shot in 2005 while sailing to a weekend anchorage in Worton Creek, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. Winds were light the first day and more interesting on our return trip to Baltimore, Maryland.

If the link does not work, go to and search with the keywords,
“Bristol Channel Cutter.”

Fair Winds,


Many Thanks Rod and Lenora , sooo nice of you to share happy sailing times with all of us .

I had to send the link , off to my wife, right away, as she will enjoy it too while at work today !

We can now see where those nice new dorade boxes will go .

  Douglas,   BCC 72 , Calliste

Hello Rod and Lenora,

Feel like I was on the boat sailing too. Great video.

Rod and Lenora (aka Captain Rod Productions),
From a guy who loves to make and see video especially involving a BCC, thank you for putting this together. If we got enough of these clips maybe a folder could be created on the web sight containing all of the accumulated BCC google video links.

Hi Wayne:

We can certainly create server space for videos, that’s not a problem. Users could upload and download via an FTP site.

What we CAN’T do is provide streaming video, a la Google or YouTube.

That’s because streaming video is very bandwidth intensive, and would possibly treble our bandwidth bill, currently ± $3,000 monthly.

However, if the good people who use this site would like an upload/download facility using FTP, we have no problem providing it.

The primary difference is that you would need to download the file to your own system, and open it from a saved file.

Let’s hear from everyone, I’m happy to oblige.



Video clips are easy to make with a digicam camera or a camcorder and Windows movie maker. I shot the clips with my Sony F828 digicam at a resolution of 5M pixels. I usually shot 15-30 second clips then edit the clips such that most scenes last about 5 to 10 seconds, sometimes less. Matching the music to the video is the difficult part.

A folder with BCC video links would be nice.

Fair Winds,