WE are looking for trim rings and adjustable hinges for two bronze ABI ports, sizes, 5 1/2 x 12 1/2 and 7 1/2 X 14 1/2. Does anyone know if a source for these parts?

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As with all things bronze, I would suggest contacting Port Townsend Foundry. They are intimately familiar with all aspects of BCC’s.


Last I heard of ABI, when the company was wound up all surplus stock went to disposal dealers.

Sailboat Stuff in Atlanta, Georgia, had some stock. Call them on 1-770-776-9962 or browse their website: SailboatStuff ABI Bronze and Stainless Steel Rectangular Portholes

I have searched the forum and internet looking for the small ABI compression springs for the port lights. Has anyone found a source for these? I tried the web and was told the CNC machines cannot make them to the OEM specs. One of my ports was missing two springs and a couple of others are deformed. I am going to see about a gun shop as a trigger spring may be a good place to locate these elusive little springs.



Peter: Hi!

Covid-19 is keeping me away from Zygote.

I’m puzzled. Z has ABI portlights. I’ve replaced the lens in one portlight.

But I cannot visualize the compression springs.

Any chance of a photo?



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Picture is attached.

Hello Bill,

I have tried to attach a photo 40KB size but it is not working at the moment. I have reached out to John for assistance. The compression spring measurements are as follows:

Length: .4725" or 12 mm

Width: .1375" or 3.50 mm

Turns: 8

These springs are located under the top bronze rod and are adjusted by the allen set screws. These little springs are very strong and one cannot compress them with their fingers unless they are Popeye or Bluto. :wink:

Thanks for responding.


Thanks for the description and dimensions, Peter.

I’ll ponder the problem of the springs.

Note: John Cole is deceased. Sad.

The best contact person for Coledata is Oncke Kipperman.

I’ll try to send you Oncke’s e-mail address in a Private Message.



Do you judge the original springs to be stainless steel (i.e. corrosion resistant) or a low carbon steel (i.e. not resistant to corrosion)?

You’ve given inch measurements to 4 decimal places.

Do you judge that the springs were made in a metric part of the world (i.e. nominal Length 12 mm x O.D. 3.5 mm) or a US/imperial part of the world (using inches and fractions thereof)?

Could the springs be nominally Length 0.5" x O.D. 1/8" (0.125")?

I was never clear where ABI sourced their wares.

I think it safe to assume that the springs are a stock part.

If it was a US/imperial measure spring, then McMaster Carr or should deliver.

If it was a metric measure spring, then we need to look elsewhere, such as Alibaba.

DO you think item 1986K45 on (US$3.32 for a packet of six 0.5" x 0.125" compression springs made of 302 stainless steel wire of 0.016" diameter and with a load rate of 7.91 pounds/inch) would do the job?

Hello Bill,

I am sorry to hear of John’s passing. He was a nice man.

I tried those springs you mentioned from McMaster-Carr and they were a great fit, but too soft. I also tried an online spring manufacturer and they said they could not make the exact spring with their CNC machine due to the tighness of the index. They said their machine could do a minimum of 4:1 index and the springs I have are 3.080. However, in looking at McMaster-Carr’s catalog, the next size up spring (part number 1986K164) and hope they might work…the size of the fit looks a little tight but the compression is 15.79 lbs./in.

I will let you (and the forum) know how I make out.

Thanks again for your assistance.