bronze bow roller

hello list,

i thought i saw a picture of a bronze bow roller fabrication for a rocna anchor- if i didn’t imagine it could someone please let me know who did the fabrication?

thanks alot

Jo Anne,
Port Townsend Foundry built one for me. You may have seen the photo that I posted on my blog back in December.
Bristol Channel Cutter Restoration: Misc.

I am going to the boat in the morning if you need more photos or measurements.

David – nice work there – great posts too!


any measurements and additional photos would be invaluable. i’ll measure my sprit and then i’ll be able to discuss the roller with port townsend.

do you have a rocna 20?

thanks a million for offering to send along the info.

Gracias, Ben. I enjoy keeping up with Elizabeth and Daphne on the respective blog sites.

Hi Jo anne , I looked long and hard for bow rollers that would work well on my BCC , but found nothing better than the Pardey’s bowsprit anchor roller.

There are other designs , but for me , their’s is, perfered on my boat, and it has worked well.

Just sorry that their’s , costs so much ,

Jo Anne,
Have not forgotten you. I will have some measurements for you this weekend. In the meantime I found a photo of the bow roller that Port Townsend designed and built to accomodate a Rocna on another boat.


what kind of anchor are you using? the rocna is a “delta” style anchor. so i’ll take a look online(?) for the pardey style roller. just wondering if it will suit.

port townsend foundry made david’s on sea star. i am contemplating sending what i currently have and see what is might be to adapt it if possible or fabricate something new. i’m on the east coast-don’t know of anyone closer that might be able to do the work.

that price thing…boats oh my!

i looked at the pardey anchor bow roller- it won’t work. the roller needs to angle down from vertical to accommodate the anchor.


thanks, that photo looks like the ticket- do you know what size rocna that was. if i knew that might facilitate my discussions with port townsend.

thanks guys!

yeah that’s pretty sweet - but makes it very 'spensive for us to switch to this style of anchor… boo hoo.

and to those of use who purchased without thinking…well i am reaping the “reward”, but i gonna love my new anchor roller-Right?

Jo Anne,
Not sure uninstalled photos will help you much but I posted a few Flikr for you. Total length is 31 and width is 14. Consider the weight before you commit. It feels like 80lbs or so. I am going to trim 6 inches from the length so I can move the sampson post/sprit heel forward.

Which one is the anchor :slight_smile:

thanks david

No problem, Joanne. I will post some photos and measurements to my blog
tomorrow evening. After I dry fit the anchor roller, gammon iron and
sampson post/ sprit heel I may find that I can trim a bit of the bronze rom
the aft end of the roller plate to get the weight down a bit.

I have yet to purchase any ground tackle but have plans to go with a Rocna
20 on 75 feet of 5/16 inch G4 chain and 200 feet of 9/16th inch 8 plait
nylon. I think Yale used to make an 8 plait polyester in that diameter but
it looks like they have dropped it from their product line. If I decide
to carry my secondary anchor on the bow roller on a permanent basis I am
inclined to go with a Spade. They make an aluminum version of their 18
kilogram steel model that has the same dimensions and holding power but
weighs in at 9 Kg.

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