Bronze Casting Patterns; Taleisin of Victory

“On long term loan to Arques School of Boatbuilding and Spaulding Wooden boat Center Sausalito, California For information or to arrange to use these patterns, please contact Bob Darr or Mark Welther at the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center ph. (415) 332-3179 website - There will be a deposit required for the off-site use of these patterns and a handling charge to cover the expenses incurred by the center, will be deducted from the deposit upon the return of each pattern.”

Followed the link and saw the pic of Bob Darr - reminds me of how time has passed. I met him while at the Sausalito fuel dock in my BCC Thanksgiving eve 1995. Pulled in for diesel on my way out of the bay for good just as they closed - dock manager said “Sorry, you’ll have to stay tied up until Saturday”. Met some great folks, including Mr. Darr. That boat always drew the most fascinating people in like a magnet. Just recycled the last of my big bronze parts from the Arques Shipyard sale too - nice to see the school is still open. I wonder if the boatbuilders cooperative is still there?

Those patterns make me want to build something. Thanks for the memory!

Todd Chocholaty
Dallas, Texas

Ahoy All, I feel v fortunate to be able to use the Pardey anchor rollers on my bowsprit.

They have worked very well, for me, some 12 years, now !

I had spent a great deal of time, looking for bowsprit mounted anchor rollers, and after much research, I decided on the Pardey style, roller, for my BCC.

As luck would have it, a BCC owner in NZ,(BCC Puffin) was holding the Talesin roller pattern, I felt fortunate, that I didn’t have to “re-invent” the wheel, and borrowed Larry’s casting pattern, I shipped that pattern to Pete Langly, at PT Foundry, and he cast a pair for my BCC.

There are some quirks in mounting them, but Mike Anderson, helped me, through the difficulties.

Pete Langly, casts a lot of Manganese Bronze parts, but if I had the choice, I would specify a different bronze alloy, for our BCC applications, something like Aluminum-Nickle Bronze, or Silicon Bronze, and I could be assured, that Pete would honor my request.

How lucky I think we are, to be able to, have tried and true, hardware paterns, available to us, when we outfit our boats.