bulwark dimensions

During the restoration of hull #51 we have run in to a grey area. This boat was a little different in that it originally had a cap rail. All of the wood was in very poor condition,this combined with the cap made it difficult to gain any worthy measurments. We measured dimensions from the existing wood, but things were a little different. I made a mistake on the bulwarks thinking there were only two strakes, when in reality there is also a half strake on top as well as the fillers on the bottom. I am would greatly appreciate the dimensins of

  1. The vertical posts (just to check our work).

  2. The top strake as well as the two main strakes.

A million thanks for any help.



Attached is a file for you. BTW, I had Xiphias bulwarks re-built last year with a cap rail added!



BCC Bulwarks & rubrail.zip (48.7 KB)