Calling All Falmouth Cutter Sailors

Re: Fund Raising

So far it’s only been the Bristol Channel Cutter family that has given support to this website. I am hoping the Falmouth Cutter family will start donating to help support the website. We have more than achieved our goal but I would like to raise about $2,000 to keep this website on the Internet for a few years before we have to have another fund raising drive. Counting our pledges, we have raised close to $1,500.

Where are the Falmouth Cutter Sailors?? Please support this website. It’s not how much you donate but that you also become an “owner” of this website. Donations of $5, $10, $20, $25 all help keep this site online. If you do not have a PayPal account, send a check or a few dollars to:

ATTN: BCC & FC Forums
419D Concorde Street
Havre de Grace, MD 21078

The Falmouth Cutter is a wonderful seaworthy boat and some would say it is perhaps a better sailing boat than the BCC. Certainly, it was one of Lyle Hess’s favorite designs. Sailors have made incredible voyage in Falmouth Cutters. I would love to hear about these voyages and this forum is the place to do it. Where else can you get support? Certainly, you can not telephone the factory but you have a forum to post your questions and project, as well a display your wonderful boat at the gallery.

Falmouth Cutter sailors, we need your support. Please make a donation to this website. please help keep these legends alive.

Please join us and send a donation. Don’t rely on others, become an owner of this website.

Kind Regards,


Falmouth Cutter User Group:

I just need one to two Falmouth Cutter Sailors to donate $25 to this great website.

Please send in a donation so we can make our goal of $2,000 by tommorrow.

Thank You,