Cape George Cutters

It’s basically a year, although maybe still too early, but anyone have an ear to the ground about whether Cape George has a BCC or an FC abuilding? Or orders taken?

Can we look forward to more siblings or look backward for an orphanage?

As far as I know Cape George has not had an order for a new BCC or Falmouth Cutter. I know that Todd(CGM) has been working on getting some of the labor out of the construction on the BCC. One of his ideas was to go to the bronze stanchion supports for the bulwarks instead of the made up wood stanchions which are very labor intensive to fabricate not to mention maintain. Looking for new build clients is not easy with the cost of a full factory BCC in the 250K range and higher.Compare this to the cost of a well found used BCC and there you have it. I wish him succes in marketing the BCC either in the semi finished or full factory boat as it is good for everyone, but it is a tough slog to windward.
SV “Lightfoot”