Cape Horn Wind Vane - Optimizing Performance

I recently bolted on the Cape Horn Wind vane that came with Bella, BCC #95, that I purchased back in '22. My initial impressions after a three hour trial in ~10 knots and marginal seas are very positive.

Question to the forum members experienced in this area - any advice/insight on how best to configure control lines, blocks, etc. for best performance? So far I’m very happy with the performance; just running a bit blind on the particulars and wondering how things might change in heavier weather.

My prior experience with wind vanes is exclusively with the Freehand, both on BCC #107 and FC#19, single handing both extensively. My experience with the Freehand is favorable, but after my brief/limited trial with the Cape Horn, I am particularly optimistic. I look forward to working with it more.

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