Categorizing Messages

We have been working on the forum, and I need your help.

You will notice that a few messages (like the recent one on anchor chainrode) now have a category before the message title. This is to enable a new search feature, long overdue, Search By Category. We have done this becasues, with over 8,000 messages, it is sometimes difficult to find what you ae looking for.

Firstly, we need to establish the categories; here is what we have so far:

Anchors, rodes and ground tackle
Engine and propeller
Hull maintenance
Sails and canvas
Spars and rigging
Varnishing and finishing
Water and fuel storage

Please e-mail me (jcole@coledata,com) with you thoughts about other useful categories, but remember, no message can have more than one category.

The next phase is to categorize all existing messages. I don’t know how tthis is going to be accomplished yet, it’s not possible time wise for me to go through the whole index, Some of you could help by going to your own messages, selecting “Edit Post” at the bottom them and selecting a category from the drop down list.

New messages: We would ask you to give the message a category when posting. This is not mandatory, but your message will not appear to anyone who does a search by category.