Caulking and Epoxy for hatches

Now that my hatches are stripped to bare wood and the caulking removed, I am
considering a clear epoxy barrier coating followed by several coats of Schooner
varnish for UV protection.

The epoxy will serve to seal the wood and caulking, thus preventing cracks and
water seepage. This is my third go-around at caulking and varnishing, and I’m
looking for an epoxy coating that will not crack at the caulking seams, as is
the case with varnish.

The local wood shop recommends SikaFlex 291 LOT polyurethane as the caulking,
and West System with 207 Special Coating hardner which produces a clear finish.
This finish will accept varnish.

Does anyone have any experience with SikaFlex 291 LOT and/or the 207 Special
Coating hardner? Alternatively, has anyone used any other combination of caulking
and epoxy to produce a good barrier coat for hatches?

I am not going to use BoatLife polysulfide, as it is not as compatible with
epoxy compared to polyurethane.

Mark Gearhart
S/V Godspeed


Have you looked at the Coelan product? It is a varnish that is highly elastic. I haven’t tried it because is can not be applied over varnish.

The link to the distributor’s web site follows.

S/V Susie Q