Cetol On Mahogony

We just refinished our Mahogony bulwarks with 3 coats of cetol last August
Our boat “Odyssey” is in San Francisco Bay. The weather was perfect when we
spent about a six week period sanding off the old stuff (teak sealer, oil etc.)
I think the secret maybe to be sure the wood is completely dry and that you
apply 3 coats. It could be a problem determining what is completely dry
if you have a lot of extreme humdity. So far the Cetol still looks great
with no dark spots, and it does stay wet with dew or rain 18 out of 24 hours
during these winter months. Today, I touched up a few edges that appeared to
be getting a little light. By the way, the Cetol actually looks better on
the mahogony (redish brown) compared to the teak hatches and skylight (brownish yellow).


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