chain rode stowage

Hi All!

I’m still at it. I’m now finishing the rebuilding of my front cabin. New berth, hanging lockers, holding tank, head, etc., (not to mention new main cabin and galley).

My chain rode comes through the deck just inches forward of the scuttle hatch. I was thinking that when sailing I’d like to be able to pull the chain further aft. This would require me to have better access through the floor in that cabin if I wanted to get it further aft. Question: How far aft do you fellow owners store your anchor rode, especially you long distance cruisers?


Lanny Luhmann
Hull 35

“I was just going to clean her up and I ended up building a whole new yacht!”

Minneapolis, MN

Hi Lanny
I built Shaula’s chain locker just forward of the partial bulkhead that’s forward of the head. We have a SL 555 windlass mounted aft and to starboard of the bitts. We use all 5/16" chain (no rope). Because of the BCC’s deep forefoot, the chain stows quite low, and we haven’t had any problems. We’ve cruised about 55,000 miles, starting in Seattle, and are presently cruising the Australian east coast.

We’ve added an anchor roller to the bowsprit, using Roger Olson’s design, and it’s a great improvement on the roller on the stem.

Regards and good luck.

Dan Dews
Shaula #59

Dan: Hi!

Where are you on the Aus coast? Zygote is currently in Cairns Marlin Marina. We hope to sail S to Moreton Bay in Oct-Nov, if we get a break in the SE winds.



Lanny: Hi!

Zygote has a removable panel in the sole of the forepeak (we have a shower installed in the forepeak, so the removable panel is actually a grid of teak so that grey water can flow into the forepeak bilge where there is a bilge pump pick-up).

Removing the panel allows me to reach forward to the chain locker and drag chain aft. So I have about half of our 300 ft of chain stowed in the forepeak bilge/shower sump and about half in the chain locker. The chain in the forepeak bilge therefore has it’s C of G about 15 inches forward of the mast (the cabin/forepeak bulkhead separates the forepeak bilge from the cabin bilge).



Hi Bil,
Yes, we’re presently in Bundaberg and planning to sail up to the Keppels next week. I hope we can get together this season! I don’t want to put our email addresses on the internet, but my ham callsign is n7daz.
Regards, Dan Shaula

Dan: Hi!

Great! I’ve sent you a private message (check at the Forum List level) with Zygote’s e-mail address.

Zygote and BCC Galatea had a rendezvous in Cairns not long ago. So we might have two BCC rendezvous in Aus in one year!