Channel Cutter 34

I am interested in Lyle’s 34 Channel Cutter.
Do any of you Lyle Hess “JUNKYS” know some one who has sailed or owned
Please if you do, please as that they contact us.
Thank You!
Kirk Kalbfleisch

Hi Kirk:

At the risk of telling you something you may already have figured out
and if you are in reference to Lyle’s Falmouth Cutter 34, I would
suggest you call Brian Gittins at Channel Cutter Yachts up in British
Columbia. (Web site: I visited his shop up
there a couple of years ago when he was just getting started “re-
lofting” a 34 hull. I have lost track of his progress with these
boats but I know he sold one hull (the one he brought back from South
Africa) and was extensively involved in finishing out a 34 that was
located in Texas in 2002. There also is one located down Ft
Lauderdale for sale but I think the owner is back in South Africa.
At any rate, he probably is a good point to start with… hope this


S/V TwoLoose BCC115