Cherub dinghy for sale

I have a 7’4" Sam L. Morse Cherub Dinghy for sale with Tan Bark sail rig with Black hull. It has all the options and was purchased in 1997. It is in Excellent Condition “used no more than a dozen times” and was stored inside out of the weather. It was never used on a yacht.
It has a 3hp British Seagull outboard motor (Forty Plus SJP with Villers Ignition and Carburetor. All bronze bushing engine, Solid Brass fuel tank and it runs/looks excellent and will for another 30 years). This little boat is “adorable” and has been treated with tlc since it’s purchase. I’m taking offers (best offer) over $3000.00


Were is the dinghy located ? Marc

It’s in Fort Lauderdale, FLA.

I have posted some photos of the Cherub that is for sale so if your
interested in taking a look at her she is in the BCC groups photo
album under Cherub for sale. Please email me if you have any

John Jolley

Thanks everyone for your your offers.


John, Thank you for the opportunity to see the most beautiful Cherub I’ve ever seen. As one of your offerors, I can say that Aloha sure wanted her. All the best to the new owner. The rest of us will yearn on.

Thank You BCC Group, I sold the Cherub dingy to a fellow out in Washinton state. She has been crated and is ready for her journey north.