Cherub for Sale - Southern California

I am looking to sell a 7’-4" Cherub sailing dinghy that I purchased new from Sam L. Morse in 1997, for $3,500, preferably locally in Southern California. It is a white hull with white sail, brown rub rails, and non-skid bottom and removable seats. Mast is a two-part fiberglass cantilever, with rails, lee board, rudder, and boom made from teak and brass. It has an outboard motor mount, but has never had one mounted. It was used as a day-sailer in Newport Beach, Mission Bay, Dana Harbor, and a few lakes, but has not been in the water for many years. It has always been stored inside, never in the water. All of the sailing gear is complete and in excellent condition. We love the boat, but do not have a means to transport it to the water anymore, and would love for it to be put to use on one of the boats it was designed for. Please message me for more pictures or with questions.

Chris Brown

How much?[quote=“Mattprotzman, post:1, topic:3909, full:true”]


Please call me 907 440 6831. Thanks

The Cherub has now been sold. Thanks very much Matt, I hope you enjoy it!