Chesapeake Rendezvous 2003

Hello all BCC owners, lovers, and dreamers . . .


This is to start the dreaming for the summer get-together . . .


Last summers first annual, held in Oxford, Maryland in early July, was a great success, with 7 Lyle Hess boats in attendance.  Cole on Sirius organized our raft-up, and stories and boat hopping continued far into the night.  The second night saw four of us left in the anchorage, nobody eating dinner alone . . . We as a large group discussed a location for this summers spot and came up with St. Marys, Maryland, hoping to attract more boats from the southern part of the bay but not leave the northerners out of it all together.  So lets start the planning!


Points to consider:

  1. Last summer was in July warm, nettle-ridden, and not too much wind.  Heres suggesting it be in June.  I do know Kate and Bernie have a conflict somewhere in there, but I forget what it is . . .  I propose sometime in the first 2 weeks of June.
  2. Last summer we were in a great anchorage quiet and big enough for lots of boats.  It was, however, a little far from town for those with less of a fast dink.  I dont know the area around St. Marys well at all, but is there a possible spot that fits criteria number one while still being accessible to a town for those who want more action?  Do we want more action?
  3. Last summer we had attending one couple who were land-based.  If this is a desire for anyone, we probably need to keep that in mind, although answering #2 will probably address this as well.
  4. As far as I can tell, the more the merrier.  So spread the word to anyone on a BCC (or other Lyle Hess boat you know) without internet capability!


Thoughts, concerns, comments, ideas . . . all welcome. This winter has been far too long and thoughts of sailing are keeping me going here in (almost) snowless Charlottesville.  Heck, the kids are even starting sentences with, when we go sailing . . .


Lets see if we can top last year for attendance!



Calypso, BCC #6




This is Aloha Kates BCC definitely worse half (the bad part of the equation), Bernie, the rogue in RogueWave.

June 12, Kate and myself will take our Hallberg-Rassy 53 to Bermuda for a month.


Anytime before that, I think will be fine. July is also open. St. Marys is a good choice.


About the BCC wanna-abees&&..what are you waiting for?


Last year we had a couple looking and wishing to own a BCC for ten plus years. In my opinion, that is completely insane.



We, here at RogueWave Yacht Sales currently have FOUR BCCs available, plus TWO NorSea 27s, besides my biggest nightmare,

the half completed Falmouth Cutter (buy her now, she might be ready for the get together).


So, to all of the wanna-a-bees&&&&&&..get your BCC, NorSea, or FC and join us for a really good time. Last year was really out of sight, especially when the unexpected Canadian BCC came around the bend. Great group, wonderful memories, and incredible boats&.


To all of the crews of BCCs,,, see you there.


Rod, please leave your camera at home.





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