Chez Rendez

Let me be succinct, since I’m not so keen on bulletin boards.


The Tiki Bar and pool at HHS would be a nice stop for me on the
outchop. You are free to voyage where you please. I love to raft,
except next to loud mouth drunks and screaming children. They (or I)
may anchor elsewhere. I intend to gunkhole in the vicinity of our
rendez for several days.The distance from Ches Bay Bridge Tunnel
(north channel) to Oxford is 106nm. Depending on how well you sail
and what the prevailing winds and currents are will determine how
long it takes you. I would estimate 18 hours in ideal conditions
under sail. You could motor sail it in 16 hours if it’s not 20+ on
the nose.


I have Chesapeake Bay Magazine’s Guide to Cruising the Chesapeake
Bay. Specific recommendations based on your logistical requirements
or unique insight are welcome.


The distance from Inner Harbor to CBBT-north is 142nm. Half way is
abeam Point-No-Point (vicinity Smith Island). Inner Harbor to Oxford
is 45nm if you cut through Knapps Narrows, 55nm if you dont.

Finally, for all-

It is my understanding that this is a BCC rendezvous(or similar Hess
design). It will be flown over and photographed from a helo then
subsequently written about and published. Obviously all are welcome,
it’s a relatively free country. As far as rafting, photos and
publications-the focus is on BCC/FC or similar.

Cole Neill

Congratulations to the magnificant skippers and crew who showed up
for the 1st Annual Chesapeake Bay Rendezvous. It was truely an
historic event. A sight I will never forget.

Thank you all for attending and a special thanks to Kate for her
untiring support. Well done.

Cole Neill