Chocks for Cherub

Does anyone have pictures of the chocks on the foredeck for the Cherub?

Bob: Hi!

Sorry to take so long to respond.

Sam L Morse Co made and installed Zygote’s foredeck chocks for the Cherub.

Chock1.jpg shows the starboard chock. You’ll note that it is mounted on the forward face of the deck box. (yes, there’s some wear on the chock, due to chafe caused by use of the Cherub dinghy. And yes, that’s a Sunbrella cover over the deck box, to hide my varnishing efforts from the critical gaze of the tropical sun).

Chock2.jpg shows the same chock, with the dinghy in place - forgive the poor quality of the pic; that’s due to using a flash too close to the subject, and then trying to fudge the result in Adobe Photoshop. Note how the chock neatly locks the dinghy in place.

I think that credit for designing the chocks (as well as the Cherub) goes to Roger Olson. Well done, Roger. And well done to Tommie and Dick, one of whom made and installed my chocks.