Cockpit Enclosure

Does anyone out there have a full enclosure over their cockpit ? Would like to
see some pictures or hear about what you have. Also, we are installing a
Xantrax 1800 inverter and am interested in hearing about inverters and battery
groups that are on other boats in the fleet.

Bob & Lois

BCC Jolie Brise

HI Bob and Lois,

I have a totally enclosed cockpit that I absolutely love. I will explain it first. If you are interested, I can get photos but it will take some time because of my boats location right now.

I used Stamoid (sp?) as the material. Sumbella will eventually permit water to exude through the material and it is thicker and heavier. I have no idea how long Stamoid will last but I have my whole boat awning made of it and it is left up 24 hours a day for several year now in this tropical sun and it is still good and strong. The webbing is going and it is dirty but the material is still in great shape.

  1. I have a hard dodger with a small upstand around the circumference. I keep my cockpit cover attached to the inside of this upstand with the traditional twist locks. On a normal dodger a flap can be sewn to the top to attach this cockpit awning. I never remove mine.

  2. When this cover is unrolled, there is a 3" wide flap sewn across the cover about 10 to 12 inches forward of the boomgallows.

  3. The cover is unrolled to pass under the boomgallows

  4. Where the cover passes under that gallows there is another small flap sewn across the it. This flap is now pulled around to the back side of the gallows. To this flap I have attached 9 bungee cords with hooks on the other end.

  5. These bungee cords pass over the gallows and attach to the thwartship flap on the cockpit cover forward of the gallows. This pulls the awning up and makes it tight and smooth.

  6. This is only a cover at this point. I have a flap that rolls down to the sternrail and I can attach flaps to the sides. I have the sides and back made so they can be attached to the wind curtains or to the lifelines. I have clear plastic windows in both side flaps and back flap so I can see lights from ships at night.

What I like about my system is that it keeps me entirely dry in the cockpit no matter what the weather. I also like it because I can add one side or the other depending on the wind and sea conditions.

Let me know if you want photos…


Sounds great! When you get a chance we would love to see some pictures.

Bob & Lois

BCC Jolie Brise

A year or so back, I posted pics of the Bob Baltierra-made full enclosure on Zygote. You should be able to find them by searching this forum for “full enclosure” or clicking on,4450,5194#msg-5194

Zygote spent five years cruising the Malacca Strait, around 09 degrees N. At that tropical latitude, Stamoid (Zygote had an awning of Stamoid, made by Bob & Dolly Baltierra, which was used at anchor and when berthed to keep off sun and rain) lasted 4 years.



I went out to the boat today and took some pictures. 9Rod, if you are reading this, I got some shots of the dodger too. Please email me if you want me to send them to you.)

I think the photos are self explaining. Let me know if you have any further questions.


Cockpit Dodger 011.jpg

Cockpit Dodger 013.jpg

Cockpit Dodger 015.jpg

Cockpit Dodger 016.jpg

Cockpit Dodger 017.jpg

Cockpit Dodger 018.jpg

Cockpit Dodger 019.jpg

Cockpit Dodger 021.jpg

Cockpit Dodger 023.jpg