Cockpit question

Attached you will find a photo of some wooden gadgets attached to my cockpit well. There are matching ones at the other end of the cockpit. They don’t line up, but a narrow piece of wood can fit in both at an angle.

I am wondering what they were used for. I was thinking they somehow the made the cockpit into a bed. My wife speculates they allow shorter people to brace their legs I guess they could also have been some sort of table arrangement.

Does anyone have a boat with the missing pieces that would solve the mystery?

BCC 95

An interesting thought about they were used to brace one legs against. I suspect they were used to support a cockpit footwell grating. This may have been used to setup a “berth” for sleeping in the cockpit. I want to do something similar to this aboard IDUNA. The grating may have been split athwartships, to make it easy to remove from the footwell. I like it.