Companionway turtle & propane boxes from Cape George

Hello All. Todd Uecker at Cape George Marine Works is developing molds for fiberglass companionway turtle/seahood and propane deck boxes (see photos below). He is offering the turtle with and without the teak inlay. I’ve ordered one (with inlay) for Calypso. Contact Todd (@CGMW ) if interested.

This is great. I have wanted a turtle hatch for a while as add protection to the companionway hatch. However, I was dreading making one given the high cost for teak. I will contact Todd to get more information. Thanks for sharing! :+1:t2::+1:t2:

It allows for a much better seal om the forward edge of the dodger - and protects the companionway hatch which is in its open/stowed position most of the time.

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Hi Peter - Looks like you are making tracks. Warmer weather is here now for a couple days. Buying the turtle from Todd was a slam dunk for me. Too many projects and I need to outsource some. Still working out pricing for 1 or 2 (Calypso + Mischief). He’s still working on production cost too - but it was a slam dunk for me at the initial estimate he provided.


We are working slowly south. We were ice breaking this morning! I will put up a post later today on instagram/Facebook.

I reached out to Todd and he was going to get back to me.

Talk soon.