Copper Foil

I am planning to install a ham radio. I don’t remember if the copper foil in the lazzerette connects to the lead ballast for use as a ground, or is it meant to go to ground by connecting to the dynaplate?

Ho’okahiko BCC#97

Hi Ron,
The more copper foil, the better! We’ve used the lead ballast, no dynaplate, for over 20 yrs on Shaula, and it’s worked well. We also run foil from the ground lug on the ham radio to the lead ballast (via the hanging locker in the forepeak).

You might want to look at what Jim Corenman has to say on this subject in the Sailmail Primer on
Regards, Dan Shaula BCC #59

Hi Dan,
Thanks for the response. I agree that the copper foil connected to the lead
in the keel will be a good RF ground. I found some good help on this from
Icom. I will also look for any tips from Jim Corenman as you suggest. It
appears that since the foil is already installed, the rest of the
installation should be pretty easy.
Thanks again,
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