cruising chutes

here is the article.
you may want to have the sailmaker keep the foot shorter than the 180%
allowed under the racing rules for 2 reasons. 1) the sail would be
about a thousand square feet, a lot to handle and probably too
overpowering in most winds. 2) sheeting might be a problem with a 32
foot long foot, as there is not enough boat left to get a good lead.
this is a problem with all headsails on this boat as most sailmakers
just stick a “J” measurement and a standard percent LP into the
computer if not instructed otherwise.
my own symmetric chute has a 24’ foot which is a bit too short for my
14’ spinnaker pole. the foot chafes against the furler, but what do you
expect for a hundred bucks.

I would be interested in what size spinnakers others have used
successfully in case i ever decide to spring for a new one.
John Churchill