Custom BCC Half-hull Graphic Plaques

Dear BCC owners,
I make half-hull models in Port L’Hebert Nova Scotia They are
somewhat unique in that they are mounted on a graphical plaque
showing the boats lines, sail plan etc. On the back there is a brief
history of the boat.

Although we do mostly historical working boats of Nova Scotia,
earlier this year we have added the BCC to our models.

To view our online catalog please visit

I can offer the following to BCC Association members.

-wholesale pricing on the BCC standard half-hull plaque of $144.80
US. (our website is retail only)

Custom Graphic Plaque
–modifying the standard plaque graphics to reflect the hull, cabin
and sail colors of your boat.
–At the bottom margin we can add your boat name in place of “BRISTOL
CHANNEL CUTTER” plus any other quotation you may feel appropriate.
–Pricing up charge of $50.00 ($144.80+$50.00 = $194.80 US)
–We would require a picture of your boat.

Your graphic on the plaque
-I would be happy to add any graphics you have for the background,
please let me know what you have in mind. I can work with most file
formats. I will email you an image of the plaque for your approval.
Pricing would be in the $200-$250 range depending on the work

with kind regards,

Rob Vann