Cutlass bearing/shaft seal

I have pulled the engine from Jaquelina (FC#8) and wanted to tackle the bearing and shaft seal. The original install was std SM equipment. Can anyone recomend suitable brands? Was thinking of PYI dripless shaft seal, anyone tried this on a FC? No idea about cutlass bearing - but will be assisted by a good mechanic.


Do a search on the BCC forum or post your question there.

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Go here for a listing of psots on the topic:,search=shaft+seal,page=1,match_type=ALL,match_dates=0,match_forum=ALL,body=1,author=1,subject=1,category_id=,like_category=

are you rebuilding or repowering with a new engine?

Replacing with a new (but identical to old) Universal M3-20B.
Old one only had 89 hrs but crank and bearings were shot. Cost of repair estimated at ~$5000.
New one from Schooner Bay imports was ~$6500 after I got a $1000 discount by sending them my “old” engine.
Thanks to info gleaned from BCC and other web forums had no trouble replacing cutlass bearing - was lucky that engine coupling was of “split variety” so came off easily and can be reused.
Having the final instal/alignment done by a pro, hope to be on the water in 2-3 weeks.
Boat is still for sale !