Hello to the group.


I want all the BCC and FC owners out there to know that the Sam L. Morse Company is here to assist all the owners in anyway we can regardless if they are Canadian built boats or owner finished boats.  We may be able to assist owners with questions, drawings and even products at a considerable discount.  Our objective to the have a happy fleet.


Something I have been meaning to do for some time is to ask the group if someone would be willing to take over the BCC Newsletter?  Mike Pearson is cruising and is no longer available as Editor.  I suggest that everyone be willing to donate a small fee to cover the costs of printing and mailing the newsletter.  I vision the newsletter as a source of information in hard copy or a Web based mailing method.   It could include drawings of ideas, photos etc.  Perhaps I am over stepping my position here with suggestions.   I feel is it of great importance that it be run by someone not affiliated with the Sam L. Morse Co. so that there are no bias suggested. 


This brings up another issue.  In order for there to be a newsletter, there must be a database with names, addresses, etc.  I would like to have two databases.  One would be for the Sam L. Morse Company only, which would include all the necessary information about the boat, its owner, including address and phone numbers and e-mail address.  The other database would not include a phone number if the person desired to have it eliminated.  I would then post this database to the group so everyone would have a copy of all the owners.  If the group feels comfortable with this I would like everyone to email me directly with the following information.  Be sure to mention if you want your phone number and e-mail address included for the group database.


Please email to


Hull Number: 1, 2, 3, etc...  I realize there will be more than one of the same numbers because of the Canadian built boats.


HIN or Hull Identification Number: I also realize that some of you out there do not have an HIN.  No problem


Boat Name:


Owners Names:


Owners Address:


Owners Phone Number:  Optional on the database to the group.


Email Address:  Optional on the database to the group


Boat Location:


Factory Finished or Owner Finished:


Boat’s Previous Name:


Previous Owner:  If you know of more than one previous owner then list their names.


I would appreciate any comments and suggestions on this idea and the items listed above.




Sumio Oya,

President: Sam L. Morse Co.