Deck awning

I have a deck awning that goes from the mast to an aluminum pole on the back stay. It was made by Schattauer sails in Seattle, Washington. It also has never been used. $500.

Hi Michael;

I have BCC #110 Northern Light in Michigan
Can you give me the color and size of the sunshade?
Is it made of sunbrella or similar material.

Currently I’m in Mesa, AZ until May, then traveling to Michigan.

Thank you!
Michael Langley

Yes Michael, I will check with the sailmaker. Alternatively, I will provide his number and you can speak with him directly. His name is Frank Schattauer, and his number is: 206-783-2400


Any chance you can post some pictures of the awning while it’s up?

Mike (Apparently this is a Michael-centric thread!)

I just saw this today. I’ll see if I can’t put it up in the next few days and take some pictures.

Im just up the road in the San Juans. Is this still available? 360-622-9383

Yes, it is still available. I am on the boat right now in the Exumas. It was made by Schattauer sails in Seattle and Frank would have the exact dimensions and material specifications. Other than being erected for fit, it has never been used.