Deck Sensors

Has anyone tried the “Marine Guard” burglar alarm system ?

Because cruising here in S.E. Asia , is a red hot place for thieves and or thefts, (getting worse) , and I have been victom , more on land, than at sea, I invested in and installed, a, “Marine Guard”, alarm system.

I primarily wanted a system that would alert me if I was sleeping below, and that I had unanounced visitors on deck,

or , if I was away, I wanted a siren alarm to go off , to draw attention to my boat .

I didn’t want false alarms , and I wanted a simple system that didn’t give me trouble .

Out side of using “carpet tacks” on deck , has anyone , had experience with alarm systems that have worked for them ?


Hi Doug, I rigged a scuba tank to an air horn that was triggered by pulling a pin, closing a contacts when the companion slide was pushed open. I will not go into details unless you are seriously interested. My problem was that there were times when I returned to my boat after a few too many drinks and forgot to turn it off before entering. I set the air horns inside my dorade vents…need I say more




LOL nereus , I did exactly the same thing only with a canned air horn wedged under the top step of the companionway.

The first time I came home late from a party and stepped on the step I could have had a heart attack by the volume of the BLAST.

P. S. … the mate, who doesn’t inbibe and stayed home was equally scared and doubly P.O’ed. I did away with the alarm after the third time I triggered it.

Gee Whiz , yes, I too have inadvertanly and unintentionally triggered my boat alarm, too.

This alarm has a key fob transmitter with activate/deactivate button, so when approaching the boat I can push the deactivate button, just like a car alarm , or I can use a key in a switch on deck.

There is also a red led that I can see if it is lit (system on) from outside the boat.

There are two modes of alarm that I can choose from.

At night when I am below, I usually set the alarm to only sound a door chime, sound, if it is triggered.

So if I go out on deck which triggers the alarm, only the door chime sounds, or if I want a full siren, I can set that mode instead of the door chime.

It takes about 40 lbs load on the deck to trigger the deck sensors, so cats and birds don’t weigh enough to trigger the alarm.

So far it has been a year since I installed it, and I would do it again.