Decommissioned or Lost BCC List

Ahoy All , Welcome to our new BCC owners , as we look forward to your forum contributions and knowledge.

A recent query from Ben of BCC Elizabeth , has set me to thinking , of what has happened to BCC’s that have been “Decommissioned or Lost” .

Roger had mentioned that he observed BCC’s completing circumnavigations and ending up destroyed in the Caribean due to Hurricanes there .

I met John Greenville in Morro Bay , he streached his BCC “Santa Maria Teresa de Avila” by adding an 8’ section midships, and heard his story of loosing her.

Sooo , I am wondering if a “List of Decommisioned or Lost” BCC’s exist ?

Which hull numbers have gone for ever , and possibly the reasons why !

Hello Douglas:

As far as I am aware, no such list exists.
I have never been advised of the loss of a BCC or FC, and I have searched the messages back the July 1998, and I can’t find a message mentioning a total loss.

Ahoy John , T Y for your archive search .

We are aware of at least two owners that are re-building or doing extensive repairs to their BCC’s and probably more owners than that .

I remember hearing from Ron Walton , that Mary White lost her F C , in the western Caribean , so might be something on that on the F C Forum .

The John Greenville BCC story is quite interesting because as John tells it , he traded Sam Morse for a hull and deck . John had found a miss alignment of some sort in the early BCC hull mold and as he told me , he reworked that mold and sorted it out , in exchange for a newly laid up hull and deck .

The story goes on from there ,

I think most SLM owners will acknowledge a slight misalignment in the hull; fortunately it does not affect hull performance.

Hi John , if I remember correctly , it was Roger , who told me that Sam Morse used Lyle’s drawings for a wooden planked BCC to make the f/g BCC mold.

It possibly was John Greenville who corrected the mold for that discrepency .

Gosh it is so easy for history to go missing !

Hi Douglas:
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John Greenville’s story of his fabrication , of an 8’ extention to the BCC hull , is interesting to me.

He gave me 8 X 10 photos of his “Santa Maria Teresa de Avila” , and I passed them onto Roger , I don’t know where they are now .

He said that he had v fast sailing up and down the CA coast , until his auto-pilot failed and ran him aground on a rock off Gaviota , CA .

I found him a very knowledgable mariner, (he was a sub-mariner in the USN)

The boat I saw him on was fishing vessel , " Pocket Mouse ", of Morro Bay , CA , 1996 , that is where I met Rod and Lenora , as well .