Deeper draft version of the BCC

I understand that there were some BCCs built by Sam Morse that had a deeper draft (from 4’ 10" to 5’ 5") and carried an additional 600 pounds of ballast. Is there anyone out there that knows how these Lyle Hess design changes affect the sailing performance? Is there anyone out there who has sailed both versions? Are there other versions of the BCC? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Dawn B. had the extra 600lbs ballast built into her. Frank ( the original owner) said that when he was talking with Lyle about the boat when he was ordering her he said that the way Sam was building them was with 600lbs less ballast than he had designed for the boat, so Frank went right downstairs to Sams office and told him to build it the way Lyle had designed. I don’t know if anyone eles added the 600lbs back in or not. I do not know if that added 7 more inches to the draft, when I haul out this fall I’ll measure, I always thought I had 4’10" draft.

As I have been told, the deeper draft is further aft than the stock version. This was no simple feat, as it involved making new molds! So a lot of work and cost was involved. All of which raises the question. Why? And what were the design parameters in doing so?

there is a BCC with this extra bit on the bottom…assume its more ballast.



As per post above – I think this is the same boat… note ballast listed at 5000 lbs.

The density of lead is 709 lb/cu ft. It is unnecessary to change the design to increase the ballast.

When I tapped into the lead last year to install radio ground there was a layer of lead shot like material on top of the solid lead, maybe that is how Sam added 600lbs to Dawn B?

Just as an item of interest, hull #4 was built with slightly less ballast as a special request by the owner/builder Len Barton. I believe it was something like 400 pounds less, but I could be a bit off. I seem to remember 4200# being called out as a line item on the paperwork. I searched for my archived copy of the original invoice for the hull and deck, but I couldn’t find it this morning. I will post a scan if I can find it - I know I scanned it years ago. Found some of the articles Len had published about Solita, and the report from when she was stolen and loaded with weapons, but no receipt.

Mr. Barton explained why he chose less ballast, but I really can’t remember - it may have had something to do with wanting additional carrying capacity for stores. He was also very picky about sailing characteristics, but I can’t imagine that less ballast would have improved the ride. Equally odd, when I put in a motor, I removed hundreds of pounds of lead ingots that had been placed as far aft as possible.

Just be aware that ballast adjustments could be made upon ordering a hull and deck. There was also something unusual about the mast on #4 - it was either longer, shorter, or the gooseneck was in a different position.


Got it - long search - here is the receipt for hulll #4, showing 4000# of ballast.

Update - the mast was lengthened by 4.5", and the gooseneck was raised 4" according to the Superspar invoice.