Designs and Specifications

Eric Pomber has kindly gone to some trouble to replicate several documents from a file he inherited when he purchased a hull and deck, #029. These include copies of Lyle Hess original drawings.

Eric writes: “I bought hull no 29 as a bare hull and deck in 2002. That info was in a file folder that came with the boat. It appears that at least two and maybe three people owned it before I bought it. It was advertised on the forum site and located 50 miles from my home. I went out and looked at it and bought it on the spot. When I was 17 (1977)I worked for a yacht broker that had the same brochure that I included in the info. Cruising in Serraffyn and that brochure are what hooked me on the boat for life. After sailing my boat a couple of years and having 45 years of racing under my belt I think that the BCC’s fine qualities are understated in most cases.”

Please note: There a several pages to some of these documents.

I apologize is some images are inverted, no matter how I try to save them, they always rever. Just use the View > Rotate link on your PDF reader.