Diesel Tank Sight Gage

Ahoy All , today looking for a simple way to check diesel fuel level in my BCC aluminum fuel tank .

BCC Zygote has a glass tube sight level gage mounted in welded on shouldered bushings in the forward wall face of her fuel tank .

Iam thinking that this sight gage would work well for my tank, but these gages from sources like McMaster-Carr and Granger’s are v expensive $300.00 over .

Has anyone installed a tank fuel level gage that they are happy with ?

I have used a wooden dip stick for years , but now would like a simpler way to check remaining fuel level in the tank .

Fuel Sight Gage.jpg

You say you want “simplier” but you already have simplier! We’ve always used a dipstick and find it handy enough and accurate enough. I used a Dremmel tool to scribe the numbers on an ironbark stick every 5 gallons. I probably check it once a month during our 3+ month summer cruise.

If I was having a new tank built, I’d like a way to drain out any water that accumulates at the bottom. I’d also like access ports installed. Our 34 year old tank is still going strong, knock on wood. I pump out the bottom fuel and run it through a Racor filter once a year or so, and that seems to have helped control the gunk that grows in the tank.

But I think I’d use a dip stick to check fuel level in the new tank. What could be simplier for a 28’ sailing vessel?

How often do you add biocide to your tank? Do you only add it when you add fuel or do you have a set schedule?

I add it only when I add fuel.

Ahoy Dan , T Y for your reply .

Currently Iam installing a diesel heater that is plumbed directly to my 27 gallon aluminum fuel tank .

By keeping track of engine run hours, I mostly could estimate remaining fuel and didn’t need to “stick” the fuel level too often .

At this time Iam also installing an electric fuel tank gage in the tank top , instead of installing an outside vertical glass tube sight gage .

Iam not going to abandon my fuel dipstick , but instead keep it handy.

I too would like a catch cup drain at the fuel tank bottom , but until I can find and install one, every January I pump out the fuel tank , remove the 2 inspection plates and completely mop it dry .

So for Traveler’s question , I don’t find a need to add a biocide , but have been considering adding a fuel stabilizer when storing the boat for long periods.

OK Doug, very interesting. Are you removing the tank to install the gauge? Cutting a whole in the tank’s top? Did you decide to get the Wallas diesel heater?

Ahoy Dan , no need to remove the 27 gallon diesel tank, as there is plenty of clearance above the tank top to drill the hole for the fuel gage sending unit and put it in place.

Yes, on the Wallas .