dinghy chock

I am preparing to install chocks for my 7’ fatty knees. I have two bronze basses for the aft end but am curious to what others have done for the forward end of the dinghy. Any pictures or drawings would be welcome.


Hi Brooks , sorry don’t have any pics ! My boat had factory installed 7’ Fatty Knees chocks , fwd and aft .

I did change the aft chocks when Mike Anderson built and installed the sea hood .

The fwd chock was just a 2" thick timber that was mounted thwartship ahead of the skylight coaming .

This timber had chopped out sections port n stb to allow the dinghy fwd gunnels to sit down on it and was quite effective , it was Hondo Mahog wood .

Ever so sorry , don’t have a pic of it , drats !


I am not sure how you folks are mounting Fatty Knees on the BCCs. (My Hess 30 is wood) Lin and Larry used four bronze castings mounted to the deck house that held four teak risers that are shaped to fit the dinghy. Larry’s patterns are under the care of the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center in San Francisco. You can order any number of the bronze castings you need through them. The actual casting is done by a foundry in upstate New York so they may put you through directly to the foundry. This is a great source for any of the bronze parts Lin and Larry used.


Hi Brooks,

Here is a pic of Douglas’s forward dinghy chock which he has agreed to have posted.

Calliste dorades.JPG

Thanks for the picture and the info. I searched for pictures around the Internet and came up with a similar design as Douglas’s. We are getting ready to cruise to the San Juan Islands leaving Tuesday and will be on the boat today. I will take some photos and post this weekend.

Thanks again,