Dinghy chocks

Has anyone installed dinghy chocks on the cabin top? I have a new nesting dinghy that I want to carry on the cabin top and I’m looking for suggestions/ideas as to how best to mount the chocks. I notice that the Pardy’s Taleisin has bronze mounting brackets for their chocks.

Any thoughts? ideas?

Dioscouri (#064)

Hi Gary,
Which nesting dinghy did you go for, and what size?
I was hoping to find a way to fit one over the scuttle hatch, but I guess that in order to fit over the hatch, the assembled dinghy would have to be very big.
Did you look at this option?

All the best,

Hi Gary, Calliste uses a 7’ Fatty Nees, and the old photo in my files shows the aft chocks on a thwartship beam over the sea hood.

The dinghy transon rests on the beam, and the upright ears keep it from sliding fwd or port and stb.

Maybe I can get a better photo, as the dinghy is being store ashore, in a few days .

Of course the Pardey dinghy chock bronze mold paterns are available in the San Francisco Bay area, I think in Sausalito, if you decide to go that way.

I can still open the skylight hatch a little bit, for ventilation, when the dinghy is in it’s chocks.

The dinghy on the cabin top gives good shade to the cabin, when motoring, with the sails stowed.

We have a Two-Paws (Cat Paws) nesting dink that stores on our foredeck. The dink is stored nested and upside down. The dink’s midships transoms fits in chocks on the scuttle hatch. I built feet on the front forward transom-bow (pram), such they rests on the foredeck aft of the Samson posts. This allow water to run easily under the dink. The pram’s dimensions are: 8 ft long and 44" wide.

Thanks for the responses.

The nesting dinghy I purchased is a NestingLite NN10-II, which is 10’ long when assembled and 58" long nested (www.nestinglite.com). I literally just purchased the dinghy, and have not even had a chance to see where it would best fit on the BCC. My preference would be to carry it on the foredeck, but I doubt that will be possible, in which case I will carry it on the cabin top.

I am going out to my island property (where I keep my BCC) tomorrow for about 1 week, at which time I will explore the options.

Dioscouri (#064)

Are you on Vancouver Island Gary?
I have some great friends in Dubai who have a house there, and they’re in residence at the moment.

No, I live in Vancouver but have waterfront property on Gambier Island, which is where I keep my BCC.

Dioscouri (#064)