dinghy for sale

i am building a new pointy snout nesting dinghy and am selling my
pram. while she has seen some use and has a plain workboat level of
finish, her great feature is that she fits on the cabintop of a bcc
(assuming your deck configuration is like mine) although her bow
overhangs the companionway a bit.(it fits thru a dodger roll up center
She is 8’ long, 42" beam. five panel design with narrow bottom and
bilge panel at 45 degree angle gives low resistance for towing but
good stability when loaded. fairly high sided for good load capacity
and drier ride. built out of 1/4" plywood, taped seam construction
doesn’t leak and has an easily cleaned interior. built in rear seat
and longitudinal main seat are flotation chambers and have access
ports. can be boarded from the water while swamped.
Has a heavy rubber rubrail, nylon painter, one set of oarlock
sockets (another set would be nice for singlehanded rowing), a wood
oar retainer for locking up the oars while docked and a motor mount.
i have used my 2 hp ob on her a bit and the transom does flex so
should be stiffened if one plans full time motor use. transom has
brass protective strip for bringing in anchor chain. eyebolt in
transom for tie down point.
She is built with exterior grade plywood and is not glassed except
at seams. there is an area on in the inside of the side panel where
there is some blistering or delamination of the plywood. this started
before she even left the shop and does not seem to be structural so i
have left it alone. there was a similar thing on the bottom that i
repaired already.
I am asking $150 for her. delivery is negotiable on the chesapeake
or perhaps even to new england or out towards indiana this winter. if
anyone is interested let me know. my computer is just coming back to
life after the hard drive died. i can see if i can get the scanner
fired up if anyone wants pictures.
john churchill