Dining Table Design ?

Ahoy All, I have been trying to come up with a dinning table design that I could build for my BCC.

Looking at this BCC forum Gallery page 2, and under “Projects - Boat Projects” page 1, and under Album “Cabin Heaters” page 1, photo P1010229 , I see a table that interests me.

I will try to attach that photo here.

Does anyone know who owns the BCC that this table is attached too ?

I would like more photo details of this table and it’s mast support bracket hinging and clamping in place.

Can anyone help with more information on a project like this ?


BCC Mast Mount Table 02a.JPG

Hi, Douglas,

That table might belong to Minx, and her skipper Roy. He used to hang out here occasionally, though I haven’t heard from him for a while.

SV Galatea, #117

Ahoy Tom , T Y , soo nice to hear from you , Oh , bye the way , where are you , these days ???

Are you still in the Indian Ocean , or else where ?


Hi, Douglas,

We’ve had a stint in the Rockies, but will be heading back to rejoin Galatea in Trinidad in November, most likely heading to the Chesapeake in the spring.

Don’t know if you ever saw our dining table design. Ferenc Mate used a photo of it in his book update. SLM built a beautiful fore and aft dinette on Galatea’s port side, and when we have guests, the table slides out from under the pilot berth to reach our guests on starboard as well.


Tom I see that your boat is in Trinidad, my guess is that it was hiding there from the hurricane season. Is there a good marina there and what are the costs like?

Hi, Stewart,

Not sure about marina costs, as Galatea has been in storage. There are a couple of marina choices in Chaguaramas, and I think there is contact info on Noonsite.com.


Thanks Tom I should likely start a new thread.