Dockage near Oriental, New Bern, Beaufort?

We’ve been bringing Itchen down from Belfast, Maine towards the Bahamas over the past weeks and had some windy and fast sailing getting to Norfolk with a short layover in Narraganset Bay to avoid Sandy and again to do maintenance in Annapolis (new seacocks, head rebuild, AIS installation) We added a Vesper Watchmate 850 AIS transponder and KVH 1000 fast heading sensor, all plus the old Garmin 176C are connected to our old Raymarine C80 through a Brookhouse mux-c multiplexor. Mostly working as hoped, but am still sorting out interconnections and menu choices . . .

We are now in Belhaven, NC. and I need to find a secure and hopefully inexpensive berth for her so that I can fly home next week for two or three weeks, then continue on from Beaufort, offshore or ICW depending on weather windows.

Anyone have local knowledge or a suggestion? Beaufort City Marina is an obvious possibility, but pricey. New Bern makes sense in terms of airport access, but is a long way out of the way up the river and I am unfamiliar with that area. I’ve used Whittaker Creek in Oriental in the past but it is rather exposed to heavy weather. Suggestions?

I have used New Bern, but it is a day’s sail from the ICW. There is a channel around the east coast of the river, but I studied the charts and found I could ignore the channel.

I stopped in Northwest Creek marina, great people, great service.,New+Bern,+NC&gl=us&sa=X&ei=u5-8UJSSD6-z0QGq7YGQDA&ved=0CKgBELYD

Oiental is also a possibility, I used Sailcraft Services,Oriental,+NC&gl=us&sa=X&ei=DKK8ULbCBMS20QHFj4GwBA&ved=0CI8BELYD

Hello Dottie and Scott

I may have dock space at my parents house …they live in Fairfield Harbor in New Bern. Very Protected…directly off Northwest Creek. There is also Norththwest Creek Marina in New Bern which is very protected as well. Very clean Marina. They are a bit off your course and may cost you a couple of days back and forth. Let me know if you are interested.

Mark Giegel (formerly of Itchen)

Let me know
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