I am a new owner of a BCC 28. I am searching for measurements of a dodger. I would also appreciate a picture if it can be provided. Any idea how a bimini would look and function with the gallows in place?

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Hi, Robert -

Maybe you’ve already found the information you need. I’m responding to the bimini question - we have had 2 different ones. They attach to the gallows, either with snaps or with short pieces of line that tie to eyes we’ve screwed onto the gallows. The bimini is wonderful for shade but makes it hard to stand up in the cockpit. I think we have photos of Calypso’s old dodger in the files.


Thank you. I have not solved the issue. Pics would be appreciated.

If you check in the “gallery” section of this forum, and search for “dodger”, you’ll find some shots that might help you. For our bimini, essentially, we use a separate piece of fabric that zips to the dodger’s aft edge and then hooks to the gallows. I’m having a little trouble adding a photo here this morning.