Does anyone know how to make baggywrinkle?

Does anyone know how to make baggywrinkle? Mine is completely worn out. I used strips of heavy shag carpet originally. It actually looked OK, but over the years
it has deteriorated to the point where there is nothing left. This time I’d like to be a little more authentic.
If anyone could supply some instructions, it would be most welcome.

Mark Gearhart
s/v Godspeed

Yes, it’s very simple to do but difficult to describe in words. Get a copy of Smith’s “The Marlinspike Sailor” at Amazon and in there (among 2 dozen other wonderful and indispensable things) you’ll find how to make baggywrinkle out of old rope or any other heavy twine you have. I could try to write down how to do it but it would take a long, long ?paragraph. One photograph will tell you instantly.
Ryan McNabb

Ryan is right about the value of a picture and Smith’s book. If I had a ‘scanner’ I’d put it up here, but unfortunitely I don’t have one. Maybe someone who has both the book and the scanner will do that.?

Waxwing Stan

Hervey Garrett Smith is the author…Amazon and lots of other book suppliers carry it.

Instructions are also in volume 2 of Ferenc Mate’s book The Finely Fitted

I have the book & can image the pages on Friday and then send them to you
and/or post them to the group if others are also interested.

Rick Snider
s/v Aistear

Mark: Hi!

Eric Hiscock has instructions (two paragraphs of description plus five photos showing how it’s done) on making baggywrinkle in his Cruising Under Sail. See
page 144.

I use polyethelene foam pipe insulation. Comes in black and beige colour (although the beige is hard to find; your local Ace Hardware or Home Depot likely has the black). Riggers tape works fine attaching it to the shrouds.