Downsizing to a Falmouth Cutter 22? Considerations?

This past year I’ve been considering going to a smaller boat. I currently have a Westsail 32 and while I love her I just don’t get out as much I used to.

Anyone have any experience going from a 30 + footer to a FC 22? Regrets ?

A FC will sail faster than your WS 32 , but you will find it more tender .

I lived on my W32 for about a decade, back in the 90’s, and sailed regularly in San Francisco Bay area; then I got married and sold my boat. I bought my FC22 when I retired, since I wanted to get back on the water, and knew I wasn’t going to live aboard; the FC22 is wonderful, fun to sail, and absolutely beautiful; but it does feel a lot smaller. The FC22 can sail in any weather, and cruise comfortably over several days, no problem; but there’s really only room for 2 people down below or in the cockpit (unlike the Westsail, which held 4 easily). If you don’t plan to live aboard, and only sail solo or with one other person, I think you’d be very happy with, and feel right at home on, a FC22. I’m now 10 years past retirement, and am thinking of selling my boat since I don’t use her enough either; I’ve taken up rowing and that’s how I get out on the water these days.

Thanks for your reply! We have the same taste in boats! lol
I’ve been using my westsail mainly as a floating cottage but with such short seasons its becoming more work and less fun.

Any regrets going from a westsail to an FC22?

I’ve never been inside an FC22 but I’m okay with less space. I find the bigger the boat the more work and the less it gets out on the water.

Is it really a towable boat or do you need a half or full ton pick up?

I almost bought another W32 after I retired because I still love Westsails; but I realized I didn’t need that size boat if I wasn’t going to live on it, or cruise across oceans. Everything is easier with a smaller boat, and the FC22 is still a sturdy, heavy displacement, cruise-capable boat. A friend of mine downsized from a W32 to a Flicka, but I like the FC22 much better than the Flicka.

The FC22 is perfect for me now, no regrets at all; except that I recently got into long distance open-water rowing, and now I’m doing much more rowing than sailing.

The FC22 is towable, road-legal at 8’ beam; I’ve not towed mine, but I’m pretty sure it needs a serious pick-up to pull it. I have a VW Eurovan, so the only thing I tow is my 100lb rowing boat.

I send you a private message with a question if you are okay to answer it. Not sure if you got the notification